Coffee Grinders

Great Coffee Starts With The Best Grinders

We’ve reviewed all the different types of coffee grinders for all your needs. Here are the upcoming articles for Craft Coffee Spot.

Choosing The Right Grinder

  • Burr grinder vs blade grinder: we give an overview of the two broadest choices of grinders. At Craft Coffee Spot, we strongly recommend a burr grinder for better consistency and control.
  • Conical vs flat burr grinder: there are two distinct types of burrs with different properties. However, there isn’t one clear choice
  • What is grind retention: an explanation of what causes coffee grounds to get trapped in the burrs, why it’s so important for taste, and simple ways to reduce it. We also include three low-retention grinders.
  • Manual vs electric coffee grinders: there are clear trade-offs in whether you want to get a manual or an electric (automatic) one. It comes down to price vs versatility, which we explain.
  • Ceramic vs steel burr grinder: another heated debate within grinder circles is the quality of the burr. It matters a lot for coffee, and we lay out how the materials tend to differ.
  • How to reduce static in coffee grinder: static is a common issue in grinders, and we talk about why that is and some simple ways to reduce it to improve your grinding.

Grinder Reviews

  • 1zpresso J Max: a great hand grinder for espresso. It has an easy external adjustment dial and consistent grind settings. A good value if you don’t want to spend on a more expensive electric espresso grinder.
  • Baratza Sette 270wi: this is a great grinder for consistent, fast, low-retention grinding, and it works with espresso to pour over coffee. However, it has some drawbacks, which we detail.
  • DF 64 grinder: a new’ish entrant to espresso grinder, the DF64 is a nice value grinder with a powerful falt burr and easy workflow.
  • Fellow Opus review: Fellow’s second grinder is an all-in-one, aimed at consumers who switch between brewing methods, and don’t want multiple grinders.

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