Nespresso machine and pods

This is our main page for all things Nespresso.

Nespresso is one of the original pod machine systems. In general, we avoid pod machines. Proper craft coffee is better brewed using a pour-over device or with an espresso machine. That said, not everyone has time to make coffee or espresso by hand, at least every time. And Nespresso machines actually produce, well, quality espresso-like coffee.

We decided to cover the line in-depth and over a variety of guides on Nespresso, the product lineup, and the pods.

  • Nespresso vs espresso: comparing the two drinks, which are similar on the surface but have some important differences. At the core, one is a pod machine and one uses coffee beans. On a deeper basis, Nespresso generally produces more of a regular dark coffee taste with extreme ease of use. Meanwhile, the espresso machine takes time to learn but can produce way richer and bold-tasting drinks.
  • How does a Nespresso machine work: we cover the basics of the operations behind a Nespresso machine, including how it extracts the coffee and the difference between the OriginalLine and newer VertuoLine brands.

The biggest issue with pod machines is the waste. Each pod is typically made of plastic and is hard to recycle. We spent some time trying to figure out the best ways to recycle Nespresso pods and look into reusable pods that are out there.