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Best Nespresso Machine For Latte: Top Choices For Milky Espressos

Americans love their lattes. They love them so much that 67 million lattes were drunk in the US. What’s the easiest and quickest way to get your hands on a latte? A Nespresso machine.

The most important consideration for choosing a Nespresso machine for lattes is whether it has an integrated milk frother or a standalone frother. My top Nespresso choice for an integrated frother option is the Gran Lattisima, which has nine drinks and a self-clean feature. For a standalone frother, go with the VertuoPlus and Aeroccino bundle to make lattes and cappuccinos.

There are other considerations: Original vs Vertuo, reservoir size, drink options, etc. To make the choice easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of the best Nespresso machines for late. I’ll explain the important features and the milk frothing options each device has, so you can choose the best Nespresso machine for your latte needs. 

Choosing an Integrated or Standalone Milk Frother

You have two choices when buying a Nespresso machine for a latte: a machine with an integrated milk frother (Lattissima and Creatista) or a Nespresso machine with a separate milk frother (every other model). The integrated milk frother is a simpler experience, but a separate milk frother saves some counter space and expense.  

A Nespresso Evoluo with Aeroccino next to a Gran Lattisima to show the best nespresso machine for latte
Comparing a standalone milk frother option (Evoluo + Aeroccino 3) versus an integrated option (Gran Lattisima)

The choice depends on your preference and budget. Nespresso machines with an integrated milk frother come in two versions: carafe or steam wand. For example, Lattissima comes with a milk carafe attached. You can keep the carafe in the fridge. When you want a latte, attach the carafe to the machine, insert an espresso pod, and the machine will brew the espresso and add the frothed milk automatically. 

On the other hand, there are Nespresso machines that use a steam wand to froth milk in a jug. For example, Creatista has a steam wand without a carafe, so there’s a learning curve if you’ve never used a wand before. You’ll have to learn how to position the steam wand to get different milk textures.

Finally, there are Nespresso machines with a separate milk frother, either the Aeroccino 3 or 4 frother, which are both separate from the Nespresso machine. Both models will froth your milk with minimal human intervention. All you have to do is pour the milk into the frother, press a button, and wait about a minute until the milk frother does its magic.

The choice is up to you — depending on how much or little work you want to do to get steamed milk.

Top Choices Of Nespresso Machines for Latte

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Lattissima ProLattissima Pro
  • Machine Type: Original
  • Water Tank Capacity: 44 oz
  • Milk Frother: Carafe
Check AmazonCheck 1st In Coffee
Top Integrated Pick
Gran Lattissima
Gran Lattissima
  • Machine Type: Original
  • Water Tank Capacity: 34 oz
  • Milk Frother: Carafe
Check AmazonCheck Williams Sonoma
Creatista ProCreatista Pro
  • Machine Type: Original
  • Water Tank Capacity: 67 oz
  • Milk Frother: Steam wand
Check AmazonCheck Breville
Creatista PlusCreatista Plus
  • Machine Type: Original
  • Water Tank Capacity: 50.7 oz
  • Milk Frother: Steam wand
Check AmazonCheck Breville
Top Standalone Pick
  • Machine Type: Vertuo
  • Water Tank Capacity: 40 oz
  • Milk Frother: No
Check AmazonCheck Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Machine Type: Vertuo
  • Water Tank Capacity: 54 oz
  • Milk Frother: No
Check Amazon
  • Machine Type: Original
  • Water Tank Capacity: 34 oz
  • Milk Frother: No
Check AmazonCheck Breville

1. Lattissima Pro

Lattissima Pro

Lattissima Pro highlights:

  • Machine Type: Original 
  • Dimensions: 7.6 in x 13 in x 10.8 in
  • Used Capsule Capacity: 15 capsules
  • Water Tank Capacity: 44 oz
  • Milk Frother: Carafe

Lattissima Pro is manufactured by DeLonghi, and this is Nespresso’s closest device to a traditional espresso machine. It’s a favorite among latte drinkers because it can create barista-style coffee with one button. This is a more advanced machine in the Lattissima lineup, and it lets you brew several servings of the same drink at the correct temperature. There’s no wait time to heat the milk or coffee when making several drinks in succession, which comes in handy if you have a latte-loving household.

Lattissima Pro has a 43 oz water tank and six preprogrammed modes: ristretto, espresso, lungo, latte, cappuccino, and steamed milk. You can brew all of these using a digital touchscreen. Plus, you can use the milk nozzle to get hot water for teas.

Moreover, you can customize the drink settings. For example, you can set coffee, water, and milk options to your preferred volumes, and the Lattissima Pro will remember this for future use. This means you can get a latte according to your preferences every single time.

Lattissima Pro is quick — it pulls an espresso shot in 20 seconds when heated, thanks to the thermoblock heating system, which turns cold water to hot in record time. You don’t have to wait longer than a minute for your latte, and the machine does all the work — it brews espresso, froths the milk, and transfers it to your cup.

The milk carafe is dishwasher safe, and you can remove it and store it in the fridge if you have any leftover milk.

Who is it for? Latissima Pro is the best choice for a Nespresso latte machine if you want an espresso maker that allows you to customize the drink and still have the convenience of a pod espresso machine.


Digital touchscreen for ease of use

Brews six drinks

Automatically measures the amount of milk

Auto clean function



Not as compact as other Nespresso machines

2. Gran Lattissima 

Gran Lattissima

Gran Lattissima highlights:

  • Machine Type: Original 
  • Dimensions: 18.8 x 7.9 x 10.8 in
  • Used Capsule Capacity: 10 capsules
  • Water Tank Capacity: 34 oz
  • Milk Frother: Carafe

Gran Lattissima also comes with a milk carafe that can be detached and stored in the fridge. This Nespresso machine has even more drink options than the Lattissima Pro, with nine choices: ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, latte, hot milk, and hot foam. The machine has labeled buttons and an LED display, so it’s easy to distinguish between drink choices.  It’s my favorite-looking machine on this list with fresh white or sophisticated black colors.

Gran Latissima is very quick — it brewed espresso in about 20 seconds, and I had a cappuccino ready in under a minute. The machine also has a self-cleaning function, which Nespresso says should be used after each use.

This Nespresso machine has a Rapid Cappuccino System, which pulls the milk from the carafe through a spout and into your cup. In other words, the machine froths the milk for you and delivers it to your cup, so there’s less work for you and less chance of spilling the milk and creating a mess.

This machine also has a self-cleaning feature, where you turn the knob on the carafe.  However, I wasn’t a fan of the cleaning process of the milk carafe. You have to remove the milk frother, disassemble all the parts, and either handwash or put it in a dishwasher. 

Who is it for? Gran Latissima is a great choice if you like drink variety and want to have milk-based drinks with a press of a button. It’s also a good option if you are often in a hurry and want to get your drink fast.


Nine drink options

Fast heat-up time

Auto clean system

LED display makes the use easy


Small water tank

3. Creatista Pro

creatista Pro

Creatista Pro highlights:

  • Machine Type: Original 
  • Dimensions: 16.9 x 7.7 x 12.9 in
  • Used Capsule Capacity: 12 capsules
  • Water Tank Capacity: 67 oz
  • Milk Frother: Steam wand

Creatista Pro is manufactured by Breville. This espresso machine has a stainless steel design that Breville is known for. The color touchscreen and integrated steam wand make the use easy. The touchscreen display gives step-by-step instructions on how to use and clean the machine.

Creatista Pro comes with a steam wand that you use to froth and steam milk. The steam wand is automatic – the base has a temperature sensor that turns off when the milk has reached 150 F.  The Creatista machine has several texture settings too. The wand even cleans itself with a little water spray after you remove the jug.

The wand also serves as a hot water outlet, and you can use it to make Americanos. This Nespresso machine can heat milk and brew espresso at the same time, so you don’t have to wait long to get your caffeine fix. 

The machine allows you to customize your drinks by changing the milk volume, texture, and temperature. You can choose between seven coffee and hot water volumes, 11 milk temperatures, and eight milk froth levels, which is more than impressive. You can save your preferences as presets for future use. 

This espresso machine uses Breville’s ThermoJet technology, which heats in an impressive three seconds. You can also brew successive drinks without any wait time, as the ThermoJet heating system keeps the temperature hot.

Who is it for? Creatista Pro is the best machine for you if you want to learn how to use a steam wand. There’s a learning curve, but you can work on your latte art skills. This is also a good choice if you want a lot of control over your drink, as the Nespresso machine has a lot of customization options.


Integrated steam wand

Plenty of customization options

Large drink variety

Color touchscreen



No regular coffee

4. Creatista Plus

Creatista Plus

Creatista Plus highlights:

  • Machine Type: Original 
  • Dimensions: 8.9 x 18.7 x 15.7 in
  • Used Capsule Capacity: 12 capsules
  • Water Tank Capacity: 50.7 oz
  • Milk Frother: Steam wand

Creatista Plus has fewer bells and whistles than Creatista Pro, but it’s still a great Nespresso machine for a latte. It also has a brushed stainless steel design and a large water tank (60 oz). The digital color screen has buttons for each of the seven coffee beverages: espresso, lungo, ristretto, cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato, and flat white. 

You can customize your drink by choosing between 11 different milk temperatures, eight textures, and three cup sizes (0.84, 1.35, and 3.72 oz). Same as with Creatista Pro, there’s an automatic steam wand without a carafe, and the wand has a self-cleaning option, so there’s less work needed from you. You also get a milk jug for easy frothing. 

The steam wand can create rich microfoam, which is great if you want to work on your latte art. 

The machine also uses ThermoJet technology, which heats up the espresso machine in three seconds, so you won’t wait long for your drink. The water tank isn’t as large as on the Creatista Pro (50.7 oz vs. Pro’s 60 oz), but it’s larger than most other Nespresso machines, and you can brew without frequent refilling.  Keep in mind that the steam wand uses more water than other frothing methods, so the water tank will need more refilling than it seems.

Finally, the machine has a descaling alert and a self-cleaning function, so you don’t have to do much upkeep or wonder when it’s descaling time.

Who is it for? Creatista Plus is a great machine if you don’t want a ton of bells and whistles but want a machine with a powerful steam wand that’ll let you work on your latte art. It’s also a good choice if you want large drinks.


Large water tank and capsule container

Creates microfoam for latte art

Color display

Comes with a stainless steel milk jug


Loud while brewing

Doesn’t make regular coffee

5. VertuoPlus


VertuoPlus highlights:

  • Machine Type: Vertuo
  • Dimensions: 16.9 x 5.6 x 12.8 in
  • Used Capsule Capacity: 10 capsules
  • Water Tank Capacity: 40 oz
  • Milk Frother: No

As the name says, VertuoPlus belongs to VertuoLine Nespresso machines. This means it’s only compatible with Vertuo pods.

VertuoPlus Nespresso machine is significantly more affordable than Latissima and Creatista. This machine has a plastic build and doesn’t have an integrated steam wand, but the Aeroccino 3 is typically bundled with this device. 

The design is sleek and round. I liked the motorized lid for the opening of the machine head. Simply gently push the lever, and the lid goes up. Then insert the capsule and gently press down to close. 

One of the main design features of VertuoPlus is the 40 oz adjustable water tank. It can rotate to the side or the back of the machine, so it’s easy to fit the Nespresso machine anywhere.

VertuoPlus can store 10 used capsules. This Nespresso machine has a capsule ejection system, so you don’t have to take out the hot pod once the device is done brewing coffee. The machine lifts and slides the used pod into the container when you open it, which is an easy way to dispose and store pods for future recycling.

The machine takes about 30 seconds to heat up, and the brewing time is fast — VertuoPlus makes a cup of coffee in 25 seconds. You don’t have to wait longer than a minute for your drink. VertuoPlus can brew four kinds of drinks: espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, and coffee.

Check out our VertuoNext vs. VertuoPlus comparison.

Who is it for? Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee and espresso maker is a good option if you want an extremely user-friendly machine, including an automatic lid and movable water tank. It’s also a good choice if you’re short on counter space because it has an adjustable water tank.


Adjustable water tank

Centrifusion technology

Fast heat up and brewing time

Easy lid opening system


Only compatible with Vertuo pods

Plastic build

6. Evoluo


Evoluo highlights:

  • Machine Type: Vertuo
  • Dimensions: 9.0 x 12.2 x 12.3 in
  • Used Capsule Capacity: 17 capsules
  • Water Tank Capacity: 54 oz
  • Milk Frother: No

Evoluo is another VertuoLine Nespresso machine. It has a box shape that makes it bulkier than others on the list, but don’t let the design fool you — it’ll make hot and rich espresso drinks for your lattes.

Nespresso Evoluo has a 54 oz water tank, so you can brew several lattes without refilling. It doesn’t have a built-in milk frother, but you can get it with an Aeroccino bundle and froth milk with a press of a button. Evoluo also has a used capsule container located on the right side, which fits an impressive 17 pods (the most on this list). The used pods drop into the capsule container after each brewed drink, so you can brew several drinks without having to empty the coffee and espresso maker.

Compared to VertuoPlus, its lid doesn’t open and close as easily. You have to turn a lever to unlock the lid, which requires some effort to do.

Same as VertuoPlus, Nespresso Evoluo uses Nespresso’s patented centrifusion technology, which is a combination of centrifugal and infusion. Essentially, the machine spins the coffee pod 7,000 times per minute and forces the water through the grounds. This way, the machine recreates the pressure needed to brew espresso and produces a rich crema.

Each Vertuo pod has a unique formula, which includes the type of coffee, amount, and coffee size, so you should use a dedicated pod for each coffee drink. For example, if you want a double espresso, use an appropriate pod.

Evoluo can brew:

  • 1.35 oz espresso
  • 2.7 oz double espresso
  • 5 oz Gran Lungo
  • 8 oz coffee
  • 14 oz Alto (this has been discontinued!)

Also, see our VertuoLine vs. Evoluo comparison for more details.

Who is it for? Vertuo Evoluo is the best Nespresso machine if you want to brew a coffee drink with one push of a button, and you don’t mind using a separate milk frother to froth milk for lattes. It’s also a good choice if you want an affordable machine with a large water reservoir.


Large water reservoir

Produces hot espresso drinks

Auto shut-off feature

Large used pods container


No built-in milk frother

Lid system requires some effort to open

7. Citiz


Citiz highlights:

  • Machine Type: Original
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 14.6 x 10.9 in
  • Used Capsule Capacity: 9 capsules
  • Water Tank Capacity: 34 oz
  • Milk Frother: No

If you’re looking for a mini espresso machine, you won’t go wrong with Nespresso Citiz. This espresso machine is made of a combination of stainless steel and plastic, which makes it look high-end. Plus, it’s more durable than plastic coffee makers.

Nespresso Citiz has a stainless steel foldable drip tray, so you can fit different mug sizes. You have to lift the lever to open the lid, insert the capsule, and apply some force to push it back down. 

This is an OriginalLine device, so it’s compatible with OriginalLine capsules, which are cheaper with wide variety. Unlike the Vertuo Nespresso machine, there’s a huge range of Nespresso pods compatible with Original coffee makers. For example, you can use pods from Starbucks, Lavazza, and other third-party manufacturers. 

Citiz is easy to use. There are two buttons: one for espresso and one for lungo. The espresso machine starts brewing as soon as you press the button. You’ll have to get an espresso machine and milk frother bundle to froth the milk for your lattes. 

Citiz uses Nespresso’s OriginalLine extraction system — there’s a 19-bar pump that forces hot water through the capsule, so you get a nicely extracted espresso with decent crema. 

Check out our Citiz vs. Inissia comparison.

Who is it for? Nespresso Citiz is a good choice if you want a mini espresso machine. You can get it in a bundle with an Aeroccino milk frother and drink milk-based drinks. It’s also a good choice if you want an espresso maker with a durable build that will last a while.


Compact espresso maker

Compatible with third-party OriginalLine pods

Foldable mug tray

Stainless steel build


Only brews espresso and lungo

Small water tank

What to Consider When Buying a Nespresso Machine For Lattes

The main factors to consider before choosing your Nespresso.

Milk Frother Option

This is all about lattes, so milk frothing is important. I talked about integrated vs. separate milk frothers. Only the Latissima and Creatisima coffee makers have integrated milk frothers, and even these are different. 

Lattissima coffee and espresso maker comes with a milk carafe — a device that functions as a milk jug. You can detach it from the espresso machine as needed and store it in the fridge.

Creatista coffee and espresso maker has an integrated steam wand, the same as you find on most traditional espresso machines. This steam wand gives you more control over the milk frothing, and you can also create latte art, which isn’t the case with milk carafes.

The other Nespresso options come with a standalone Aeroccino frother. Nespresso offers Aeroccino 3 and Aeroccino 4. These models accompany Nespresso models that don’t have integrated frothers.

Aeroccino milk frother has three parts: the base, frother, and whisk. Just like a Nespresso machine brews coffee with a press of a button, Aeroccinos froth milk the same way: pour the milk, press a button, and wait a little until the Aeroccino is done frothing.

We have compared the Aeroccino 3 vs 4 with more info on the differences. In summary, Aeroccino 3 has a black cylindrical design, while the 4 has a traditional milk jug look. Aeroccino 3 is made of stainless steel and plastic housing. It has a non-stick surface that’s prone to peeling. Aeroccino 4 is made of stainless steel and has a more durable ceramic, non-stick coating.  

Aeroccino 3 next to a Aeroccino 4 milk frother

Most importantly, the frothers differ in the milk frothing options. Aeroccino 3 has two options – hot and cold milk froth, while the Aeroccino 4 has more frothing options – cold milk foam, hot milk froth, latte macchiato, and cappuccino.

Original or Vertuo

Each Nespresso machine falls into one or two categories: Original or Vertuo. OriginalLine machines are made for making espressos, while VertuoLine machines can brew both espresso and larger drinks.

Unless you opt for a Lattissima or a Creatista coffee maker (which all belong to OriginalLine), you won’t have an integrated milk frother. 

OriginalLine and VertuoLine also differ in the technology they use. Original machines use pump pressure to brew espresso. The machine produces espresso by forcing water through the top of a pod using 19 bars of pressure. This is the same system a traditional espresso machine uses.

Vertuo uses patented centrifusion technology. You insert the capsule, the machine reads the barcode printed on the side, and automatically adjusts the brewing parameters. Water goes through the top of the capsule and mixes with coffee grounds through centrifugal force. The pod spins 7,000 times per minute, and the water comes out through 20 punctures on the side of the capsule. This results in a thicker and richer crema than the OriginalLine system.

Nespresso has a larger variety of OriginalLine machines available. Plus, you have more options for pods because there are many pods made by third-party manufacturers that are compatible with OriginalLine machines. On the other hand, VertuoLine machines only work with Vertuo pods.

VertuoLine pods are bowl-shaped with a barcode around the ring, while OriginalLine pods are dome-shaped. All capsules are hermetically sealed and recyclable.

Nespresso Original capsule next to a Vertuo capsule

Finally, OriginalLine machines have two buttons: for espresso and lungo, while VertuoLine has only one button (because the machine adjusts the brewing settings on its own).

Drink Options

Nespresso OriginalLine machines (including Lattissima, Creatista, and Citiz) brew the following :

  • Ristretto: 0.85 oz
  • Espresso: 1.35 oz
  • Double espresso: 3.7 oz
  • Gran Lungo: 5 oz

VertuoLine machines (VertuoPlus and Evoluo) make larger coffees and different cup sizes, including:

  • Espresso: 1.35 oz
  • Double Espresso: 2.7 oz
  • Gran Lungo: 5 oz
  • Coffee: 8 oz
  • Carafe: 18 oz

Those are the options with only the pods.  Of course, if you get a Lattissima, Creatista, or a separate milk frother, you’ll also be able to make other drinks. Lattissima and Creatista have steam wands that double as hot water outlets, so you can make teas and hot chocolates. Steam wands and Aeroccino let you make milk-based drinks. 

Nespresso also has some pods for iced drinks for OriginalLine, and there’s an extensive list of recipes on their website, so you won’t be bored with the drink variety.

Size and Ease of Use

In general, Nespresso machines are more compact than traditional espresso machines and won’t take up too much space on your counter. However, if you get a Nespresso machine and a separate milk frother, you’ll need to set up more space. 

The biggest factors that influence the Nespresso machine size and the water tank and the capsule reservoir. For example, Citiz is one of the smallest Nespresso machines, and it has a tank of 34 oz and holds nine used capsules. However, some machines are even smaller. For example, Inissia has a water tank capacity of 23 oz. On the other end is the Creatista Plus, with a 60 oz reservoir that holds up to 17 used pods. All this results in different machine sizes.

Think about if a compact machine is your main priority or if you want to make several drinks in a row without having to refill the water tank. Always check the dimensions to make sure the machine will fit under your countertops.

Pro tip: check the drip tray is removable and that it’ll fit your favorite or travel coffee mug (this is the case for the Evoluo and VertuoPlus).

Nespresso machines are famously easy to use: they heat up in about 30 seconds, you insert the pod, press the button, and the machine will have your drink ready in record time. You don’t even have to take out the pod straight away because the machine will send it to the reservoir.

You should occasionally rinse the water tank, drip tray, and capsule container and wipe down the machine with a cloth. You should also descale the machine periodically to remove the limescale buildup. Nespresso recommends descaling after every 600 cups or six months.


Nespresso is quite affordable, except for the Lattissima or a Creatista, which are on par with most traditional espresso machines. 

As a general rule, the smaller the Nespresso machine, the more affordable it is. Generally, OriginalLine is more affordable than VertuoLine, which also applies to pods. 

Don’t forget Nespresso requires an ongoing expense, as you’ll have to keep buying pods. OriginalLine pods are more affordable than VertuoLine, plus there are several affordable third-party pod manufacturers.

Finally, Nespresso machines are manufactured by both Breville and DeLonghi, and the price can vary by manufacturer and reseller. Getting a Nespresso machine and Aeroccino bundle is generally cheaper than a Lattissima or a Creatista, but it requires a little more work on your part.

Overall, think about what functions you’re most likely to use and how much control you want over the milk froth.

What’s the Best Nespresso Machine for Latte for You?

When choosing the best Nespresso machine for a latte, think about your budget and how you want to get the milk froth. Do you want a coffee maker with a built-in frother? Choose a Lattissima if you want a milk carafe or a Creatista if you want a steam wand. Or, if you’re on a budget, and don’t mind a separate frother, get a Nespresso + Aeroccino bundle.

If you aren’t set on Nespresso, and you love lattes and other milk and espresso drinks, check out our Dolce Gusto vs. Nespresso comparison

Marina Maletic

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