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Nespresso Breville Vs DeLonghi: What’s The Difference Between Their Models?

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If you’re considering getting a Nespresso machine, you might have noticed that both Breville and Delonghi manufacture Nespresso machines. How are they different?

The difference between Breville vs DeLonghi Nespresso machines is design-related; the coffee is the same! Nespresso licenses the technology to Delonghi and Breville, leading to different designs for each brand. However, the functionality is the same.

I’ll explain exactly how each Nespresso model differs by brand, and each brand’s exclusive line of Nespresso machines. Let’s dive into the comparison of Nespresso Breville vs DeLonghi machines.

Who Manufactures Nespresso Machines?

If you think Nespresso manufactures its own machines, you’d be wrong. Nespresso (owned by Nestle) invented the machines, but they license their technology to others. That way, Nespresso focuses on the coffee and leaves production for others.

Breville and DeLonghi are the two most popular Nespresso machine manufacturers in North America. These machines are usually labeled as “Nespresso by Breville” or “Nespresso DeLonghi.” Magimix, Krups, and Siemens manufacture the models in Europe and elsewhere.

Note: When you buy a Nespresso machine directly from a Nespresso store or website, you’ll only see the Nespresso branding on the device. Breville or Delonghi still makes these machines, but the branding has been removed.

In general, these two espresso machine brands have different histories. Let’s briefly discuss each one.


DeLonghi is an Italian brand that started manufacturing household goods in 1974. They are a well-known name in the world of coffee devices and are known for their wide range of automatic or bean-to-cup espresso machines. DeLonghi has focused on making espresso easy with high-end machines, and we’ve ranked their espresso models.


Breville was established in Melbourne, Australia over 90 years ago. It also has a strong reputation across kitchen appliances, including coffee machines. They are best known for their stainless steel espresso machines, focused on semi-automatic espresso machines. Their lineup has more control for more work on your part. At Craft Coffee Spot, we’ve reviewed Breville’s full line up.

Differences Between Breville Vs DeLonghi Nespresso Machines

Let’s address the most important question: there’s no difference in terms of coffee quality between a Breville and Delonghi Nespresso machine. The coffee that Breville and Delonghi Nespresso machines make will taste virtually the same. Both of these brands use Nespresso’s extraction technologies, the same Nespresso pods, pressure, brew ratio, and water temperature, so you shouldn’t notice differences in coffee quality. 

However, each manufacturer has a different appearance for their Nespresso machines. These are usually small aesthetic variations and differences in cosmetic design.

For example, Breville tends to have more rounded tops across models, while DeLonghi tends to have sharper edges (especially in Vertuo models). Also, DeLonghi usually has more color options and some chrome accents.

Pricing can differ across models. I haven’t noticed any cause or correlation between brand or model and price, so it’s more random or related to stocking. There are links to both models so you can check for yourself.

Common Nespresso Machines Made by Breville and DeLonghi

Breville and DeLonghi manufacture the same Nespresso machines. Here’s how most common Nespresso machines differ based on the manufacturer.


The VertuoPlus Nespresso machine belongs to the VertuoLine, which means it’s only compatible with Vertuo, not OriginalLine pods. These machines brew a wider range (and larger) cup sizes with centrifusion technology.

A Breville VertuoPlus next to a DeLonghi model; the Breville has a rounded top.

One of the main features of this espresso machine is the rotating water reservoir. You can place it to the right, left, or back of the Nespresso machine. This comes in handy if you’re short on counter space and makes refilling the tank easier. The Plus has a motorized lid, where a simple finger lift opens the top. Overall, it’s one of our favorite Nespresso machines.

When comparing the manufacturers, one big difference is in the shape of the top of the Nespresso machine. Breville’s VertuoPlus has a rounded head, while DeLonghi has a flat head. Besides that, the aesthetics are quite similar: both machines have a cylindrical water tank and used capsule container in the back. There’s a spout and drip tray, which are all the same. 

Another difference is in the water tank size – 60 oz or 40 oz – but that depends on whether you’re choosing the VertuoPlus Deluxe or the regular model, which both DeLonghi and Breville manufacture (I’d opt for the Deluxe).

There are no differences between VertuoPlus DeLonghi and Breville Nespresso machines when it comes to coffee brewing technology. 


VertuoNext is one of the newer Nespresso machines and uses the Vertuo brewing system, similar to the Plus.

The Breville VertuoNext compared to a DeLonghi version with different colors.

VertuoNext has a centrifusion extraction technology, similar to other VertuoLine devices. However, the Next is noisier than the Plus model and sounds like an airplane. The Next has a spring-loaded lid that snaps open with a locking mechanism.

VertuoNext also has some connectivity available — WiFi and Bluetooth technology. These ensure the machine is up to date with the newest software releases. You can also use the app to order pods when you run low. Lastly, the Next comes with the largest brewing option – an 18oz carafe size.

Taste-wise, Breville and Delonghi VertuoNext coffee machines are the same (VertuoNext makes a more aerated drink compared to other Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso machines).

Design-wise, these machines are the same too. Aesthetically, Breville VertuoNext comes in a chrome finish in gray, red, and rose black, and Delonghi has black with a metal rose gold, white, matte black, and chrome versions. 


Nespresso Vertuo is the original Vertuo machine. This Nespresso machine uses the same brewing system as the Nespresso VertuoPlus and Next.

The Breville Vertuo is next to a DeLonghi model, where the DeLonghi has a larger water tank.

DeLonghi Nespresso Vertuo has a larger water tank (54 oz) and can hold 17 used pods, while Breville’s Vertuo water tank is 40 oz and can hold 12 pods. 

Another important difference is the design: Breville has a more rounded top and bottom, while DeLonghi features more straight lines.

Essenza Mini

Nespresso Essenza Mini is a budget machine under the OriginalLine. It’s very compact, so it’s nice to include on your desk at the office, and these are the models you frequently see in hotels.

Of all the Nespresso machines I’ve talked about, Essenza Mini has the most striking differences between Breville and Delonghi models. I’d go so far as to say they don’t even look like the same machine. 

Nespresso Essenza Mini Breville model vs DeLonghi model, with different designs.

Breville Essenza Mini is rectangular with sharper lines, while DeLonghi Essenza Mini is dome-shaped. The dimensions are somewhat different as well. Breville Essenza is smaller (8 x 4.3 x 12.8 in), while DeLonghi Essenza dimensions are 12.8 x 4.3 x 8.1 in. 

However, apart from the cosmetic differences, these machines are the same (yet again). They both have a 20.3 oz water tank, need about 25 to 30 seconds to heat up, have a 19 bar pressure pump, and a 9-minute auto-shot-off. Finally, both machines can brew espresso and lungo shots. 


Citiz is another excellent choice if you’re short on space. It’s compact, and it’ll fit on most kitchen counters. Citiz is the only coffee machine so far that comes with an attached milk frother, so it’s a good option if you like lattes and cappuccinos. 

Nespresso Citiz Breville vs DeLonghi

Delonghi’s Citiz is taller and slimmer compared to Breville. Breville’s device is wider and shorter. Another significant difference is in the spout design, which looks like a short tube on DeLonghi, but is wider on Breville’s model.

Both machines have a 19-bar pump, a removable drip tray to fit taller mug sizes, and a 34 oz water tank. Same as with previous models, both DeLonghi and Breville brew coffee in the same way (starting to sound like a broken record).

Unique Nespresso Machines Made by Breville vs. DeLonghi

Breville and DeLonghi each have their own line of unique Nespresso machines: Nespresso Creatista machines (by Breville), and Nespresso Lattissima machines (by DeLonghi). These are higher-end devices with integrated milk frothers. 

The Breville Creatista Line

Breville has its proprietary Nespresso line, the Creatista. These machines have the stainless steel finish of Breville’s semi-automatic espresso machines and an automatic steam wand. There are a couple of different models within the line.

A comparison of the Nespresso Breville Creatista models

Creatista Uno

Creatista Uno is the basic model in the Creatista Line. It comes with a built-in steam wand, and you can choose between three milk texture levels. The device comes with a stainless steel milk jug, so you’re completely equipped to start frothing and steaming milk.

Creatista Uno can achieve better pressure compared to VertuoLine’s Centrifusion technology. This machine can brew up to six beverages, including hot water. I liked the descaling and cleaning indicators, which made the machine maintenance easy.

It has a plastic finish, which is fine as this is the most affordable device in the Creatista range.

Creatista Plus

Creatista Plus can make cappuccinos, lattes, latte macchiatos, flat whites, espresso, ristretto, and lungo, so you won’t get bored with the choice of coffee drinks any time soon. This machine has an LCD screen, making it easy to select and brew the drink. 

It also comes with a built-in steam wand and a stainless steel milk jug, and you can customize the milk temperature and froth settings. The steam wand is self-cleaning after each use, which means less work for you.

The special part is Breville automates it’s steam wand that it can even control the texture level, for either a thin yet hot milk for flat whites or a dense airy foam for cappuccino.

Overall, it’s easy to use, and the chrome finish makes it more durable.

Creatista Pro

Creatista Pro goes one step further than Uno and Plus. It looks very high-end, thanks to the polished chrome finish. You can even try latte art at home with this machine, as you can texture milk to the desired temperature. There are 11 milk temperatures and eight texture levels. The steam wand purges automatically when it’s done steaming milk.

Creatista Pro can hold 12 used pods and has an extremely fast heat-up time of 3 seconds, so it’s a good choice if you want your caffeine fix in a hurry.

The DeLonghi Lattisima Line

The Lattisima is DeLonghi’s unique line of Nespresso machines. It uses original Nespresso pods and has a milk frothing container to make customized espresso drinks. The models follow a “good, better, best” format.

Nespresso Lattisima model side by side

Lattissima One

Lattissima One is the base model of the Lattissima line, so it’s a good option if you’re on a budget. It’s compact size, which means a smaller water reservoir (34 oz) and a small used capsule container compared to other models.

Lattissima One can make three kinds of drinks and has beverage volume customization. It comes with a detachable milk frother and touch screen buttons. There are descaling and cleaning indicators, which make maintenance easy.

Lattissima Touch

The most important feature of the Lattissima Touch is the adjustable milk frother which lets you foam specifically for a macchiato, cappuccino, or latte. Same as One, it has descaling and cleaning indicators, beverage volume programmability, 19 bar pump, and steams milk in 40 seconds.

Overall, this is a more premium model, thanks to the glossy finish and automatic brewing.

Lattissima Pro

Lattissima Pro is the best option if you want a quick and easy operation. This is the premium model in the Lattissima line, and it has an auto-clean function.

The Pro can brew six different beverages, all of which are programmable, so you have control over the brewing process. There’s a removable water spigot which is handy when you want hot water for tea.

Overall, if you want programmability, a touch screen, a large milk carafe, and a machine with an aluminum finish, this is the one.

Gran Lattisima

The Gran Lattisima comes at the high end of the line. It makes nine different drinks and has a nicer finish, with matte colors and modern rounded edges.

This has the Rapid Cappuccino System, which is a fancy name for the automatic milk frother. You can adjust the foam amount on the milk frother. The maintenance is easy thanks to the synchronized descaling alert with a hardness setting.

We’ve done a full review of this high-end model with more details.

Which Nespresso Machine Is for You?

Both Breville and Delonghi use the same Nespresso technology, so there won’t be differences in coffee flavor. However, there are differences in machine design and aesthetics, so choose a machine that fits your kitchen aesthetic best. Or, go for one of the exclusive Breville or DeLonghi models if you want a more high-end coffee machine.

You can find our full Nespresso machine comparison, with a ranking of our favorite models.

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