Work for Craft Coffee Spot

Craft Coffee Spot is a growing website, and we have big aspirations. Everything we do revolves around teaching our readers to step up their coffee game. Our success stems from creating high-quality content with everything we do.

If this interests you, please look at our open positions below:

Production Assistant / WordPress Uploader / VA

Do you want a consistent role that pays on time, every time?  How about a role where your responsibility (and paid hours) can increase over time?  How about a position where you’re treated like a valued team member with feedback and support?

I’m Marko, the founder of  Craft Coffee Spot is a growing website with high-quality content about coffee, from brewing guides to product reviews.  We have a big pipeline of new content, and really need someone to help upload and publish content.

This hire will start as a production assistant who uploads articles to WordPress. You should be familiar with WordPress and Canva but do not need web development skills.

Uploading articles is task-oriented with weekly articles. Importantly, you should have strong attention to detail and be highly organized.  

While you should take pride in completing repetitive tasks, you should also be able to think for yourself. This role isn’t about blindly following checklists. If you spot something that’s wrong, you should let me know. You’ll be the last check before content goes live and should have a keen eye for spotting errors and working through issues.

The biggest benefit to this role is the potential for additional responsibility. I would like to train this hire to do email outreach and other VA-oriented tasks. The role can grow to a full content manager, including creating article briefs and keyword research.  You don’t need prior experience here, just need a passion to learn.

You’ll be paid for additional hours and can even transition to a salary. Think of this role as a potential Chief Operating Officer of the website. Either way, you’ll be a valued team member and treated as such. We’ll have regular feedback calls, and I’ll share business updates so you can see how a successful site is built. I care about my team members, and even just offered to buy my writer an espresso machine!

The hiring process will include an application, interview, paid test, and reference checks (for the final candidates). You must use the secret word “turtle” somewhere in the application.  Also, please answer every question, even if they are not required.

Lastly, our site is all about coffee, so interest in coffee is a big plus!


  • Excellent English – verbal and written
  • WordPress knowledge – preferably 1+ years of experience
  • Canva experience
  • Google Docs/Sheets and Microsoft Excel experience
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Highly organized
  • Ability to think through problems and spot issues
  • Desire to learn and grow


  • Competitive pay: USD $6.50/hour
  • Consistent work: 5-10 hours per week initially
  • Potential to take on more responsibility and paid hours (or even a salary)
  • Get to learn everything behind building a successful website

Freelance Writer Position

Do you love drinking coffee?  How about getting the chance to write about coffee as the lead writer for a growing website?

At, our mission is to help people step up their coffee game.  We provide high-quality content on coffee, including brewing guides, equipment reviews, and how-tos.  The key term is high-quality content.  We want to educate our readers on the ritual of brewing coffee.

Our site is off to a great start, and we have a significant pipeline of ideas with a material budget for new content.  This gives you a chance to be on the ground floor of a high-potential business.  If you produce excellent work, we’ll make sure you’re paid competitively, promptly, and given regular work.

We want an excellent writer who can also connect with our readers.  While we are all about craft coffee, we are not coffee snobs.  You need to be able to research a topic in-depth and write a detailed description in plain English.  Every sentence should add value with no fluff or filler content.  We communicate in a casual and informal tone of voice.  We love playful humor in our articles – dry wit and puns are a plus!

We need real coffee experts.  You should know the difference between a Chemex and a V60, which espresso machines produce nine bars of pressure, and the best single-origin beans for specific tastes.  We want someone who appreciates coffee for the special drink that it is (barista experience is a big plus).

This role provides room to learn and grow as part of a team.  We’ll provide regular feedback and editing tools to improve your work.  There will be ongoing collaboration to ensure we’re producing high-quality content for our readers.  We’re thinking about the long-term future with this hire.  At the same time, you’ll be credited as the author of your work and can work from anywhere in the world with a flexible schedule.

To the extent you are successful, we’d be happy to promote you as an editor and give you the chance to manage other writers.  Either way, you’ll be a core part of the team and get an inside view of building a media business.  Best of all, you get to write about coffee!


  • Native English speaker
  • 2+ years of writing experience
  • Very knowledgeable about coffee
  • Must provide writing samples (preferably on coffee)
  • Ability to write 2-5 articles per week (5,000+ words)
  • Good research skills and attention to detail
  • Intellectual curiosity and ability to take feedback
  • Passion to grow and develop as a writer
  • SEO knowledge is a plus

Job Benefits

  • Competitive rates: 6 cents per word
  • Prompt payment for completed work
  • Stable work as part of a high-performing team
  • Flexible work schedule from anywhere in the world
  • Promotion path to an editor if successful.

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