Welcome to Craft Coffee Spot! Our goal is to help people brew better coffee at home. There is so much to learn about specialty coffee, and we want to provide content that’s informative, accessible, and engaging for any coffee drinker.

The Story

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My journey with specialty coffee started with my love for caffeine. I’ve been drinking coffee my adult life and enjoyed using my French press for most of that time. It wasn’t until I decided to start a side project that I delved into the world of specialty coffee.

Once I began learning more about specialty coffee, I quickly became hooked. Coffee is far more complex than I realized, and it’s both a science and an art. There was so much to explore, from roasting and brewing to farming and sourcing coffee. It was the perfect subject matter for a curious person like myself.

That’s when I came up with the name Craft Coffee Spot. “Craft” signifies the combination of art and science that goes into brewing a perfect cup of coffee and what makes it a passionate hobby.

roasting coffee on a Diedrich roaster
Roasting coffee on a Diedrich IR5

As I delved deeper into specialty coffee, I realized the rabbit hole went deeper than I initially thought. Very deep. I went from owning a single French press and Baratza Encore to buying a dozen espresso machines and burr grinders for our reviews. I even started roasting my own coffee and attending sensory training and roasting courses to deepen my knowledge and skills. I recently joined the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) as an official member.

But I also recognized that I couldn’t do it all alone. I needed a team of like-minded individuals who shared the same passion for coffee and providing the best information to others. We’re now a team at Craft Coffee Spot, aiming to help everyone brew better coffee at home.

The learning curve to better coffee is shorter than you think, and with some practice, you can brew better coffee than Starbucks at a fraction of the cost. However, mastering the craft of coffee is a journey, and none of us have reached the end yet. But that’s what makes it exciting and motivates us to learn and share our knowledge with others. It’s been an incredible journey so far.

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Editorial Principles

  • Informative: we carefully research products before writing our articles. You’ll notice that most of our photos are original, as we buy most products we review. If we can’t test (or taste) a product, we rely on information from other coffee experts and our collective experience. 
  • Accessible: we want to bring more people into specialty coffee and speak to every background and skill level. There are lots of opinions on the “right” way to brew coffee but we believe the best coffee is the one you like. We are not coffee snobs.
  • Engaging: we want people to enjoy learning about coffee. We make everything as relatable as possible and love adding anecdotes and light humor.

While our content includes affiliate links, we recognize trust is vital to our brand, and poor recommendations will hurt us in the long run. We purchase our products and do not take sponsored posts. If there is any bias in our reviews, it’s towards the cheaper option; specialty coffee doesn’t have to be expensive.

Meet The Team

Marko Lazarevic, owner and editor of Craft Coffee Spot

Marko Lazarevic

Owner and Editor

Marko is the editor behind Craft Coffee Spot. He tests everything behind the articles and owns a dozen espresso machines and burr grinders, not to mention countless brewing devices (don’t ask where it’s all stored). He also roasts coffee on a Behmor2000. He’s been going down the specialty coffee rabbit hole since starting Craft Coffee Spot and has no plan to stop. 

Connect with Marko: Instagram

Marina Maletic author

Marina Maletic


Marina has written hundreds of coffee articles for publishers including Craft Coffee Spot, Gourmesso, and HomeGrounds. She comes from a family of coffee addicts but appreciated java fairly late — around 25 years old. Her coffee journey began with her passion for writing. Her first coffee assignments led her to fall in love with the drink that means so much to people all over the world. For the last six years, she starts every day by brewing a cup of coffee.

Nowadays, if she’s not writing or thinking about coffee, she can be found trying out the latest social media coffee trend.

Connect with Marina: LinkedIn | Instagram

Will Libby

Will Libby

Writer and Coffee Roaster

Will has done everything in coffee from cafe manager, educator, and roaster, and he owns Color Wheel Coffee Roasters with his wife, Brianna. His coffee journey began in college, when he got his first barista job at a local coffee shop. He was fascinated by the care and attention that went into brewing each cup, and he tried to learn everything about coffee, from seed to cup. Now he’s taken on writing to educate others about specialty coffee. His favorite way to brew coffee is in a Chemex.

When he’s not roasting or writing about coffee, he can often be found writing music or trying to learn a new language.

Connect with Will: LinkedIn | Color Wheel Coffee

Lisa Marie Craft Coffee Spot

Lisa Marie

Production and Marketing

Lisa manages the behind-the-scenes of Craft Coffee Spot and is a passionate pour over coffee drinker. Her first true coffee experience was using a French Press in graduate school. She realized quality coffee doesn’t need a professional barista. This led her on a mission to make quality coffee at home, trying a French Press, Chemex, and V60. She’s ventured into espresso, but latte art is a work in progress… Besides coffee, her other passions are helping others, Samoyeds, and music. 

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