Arcadia Coffee Is Now Part Of Craft Coffee Spot

Arcadia Coffee offered tasty food, homemade desserts, and delicious coffee to Ft. Worth, Texas. However, the shop has closed, and Arcadia Coffee has been acquired by Craft Coffee Spot — a place where you can learn all about coffee brewing techniques, espresso, and more.

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We believe Arcadia Coffee and Craft Coffee Spot overlap in content and readership. After all, we are all huge coffee lovers. That’s why we’re excited to bring new readers to Craft Coffee Spot.

At Craft Coffee Spot, we cover various coffee brewing methods. We have a complete guide to all the ways to make coffee. This is a perfect place if you’re a coffee newbie. The guide covers 13 brewing methods, from the classic drip coffee maker to the less common Walkure. We provided a difficulty rating with each method, so you can choose which one to try first. We also provide an in-depth French Press guide as one of the easiest brewing methods, where you can find out specific techniques and a recipe to try. Or, if you want to take your brewing up a notch, here’s how to make pour-over coffee. You can find more information on coffee basics about grind size or learn more about grinders to improve your home coffee setup.

No brewing method is complete without the most common coffee shop drink, the espresso. We covered everything from how to use an espresso machine, 20 must-try espresso drinks, and a wide range of espresso machines. We also have guides on choosing a machine at different price points for budgets or mid-range espresso machines under $1,000. Finally, check out our espresso compendium page, where we cover every espresso topic, so you’ll never again struggle with pulling a good shot.

About Arcadia Coffee

Arcadia Coffee was located in the Fort Worth area from 2016 through 2022. The coffee shop was first located in Weatherford before moving to the Near Southside neighborhood, where it quickly filled the void for a craft coffee space.

In ancient Greece, Arcadia was a place where artists, musicians, and visionaries came together to exchange ideas. Arcadia Coffee was an art mecca for the Fort Worth community. The coffee shop was filled with funky art and a friendly vibe. They were best known for their signature cosmic latte — a cinnamon and vanilla latte with oat milk.

Arcadia Coffee was environmentally conscious. They used paper straws, a fully vegan food menu, and a cup exchange. They did everything possible to cut out single-use waste and lower their environmental impact while serving delicious coffee and food.

If you want to learn more about coffee or find the right gear to brew with at home, take a look around Craft Coffee Spot. We have a detailed and rigorous research process, and our goal is to bring specialty coffee (or what we call craft coffee) to a broader audience.

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