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19 Best Summer Coffee Drinks

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By: Marina Maletic

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Summer’s almost here and it’s heating up, which means it’s time for some iced coffee! There’s a whole world of Summer coffee drinks to explore, whether you’re after something classic or want to try a new twist inspired by your favorite Starbucks creations. 

I’ve collected the best Summer coffee drinks based on my own recipes and what’s trending across social media. This article has 19 recipes, from traditional iced coffee to Biscoff iced coffee to coconut caramel cold brew. 

I kept each one simple, so you can easily scroll through and make your favorite. There’s a coffee for every mood and moment this season. So, grab your ice tray, and let’s mix up your coffee routine.

Unique Iced Coffee Recipes

1. Iced Sea Salt Coconut Latte

Iced Sea Salt Coconut Latte

Iced Sea Salt Coconut Latte – salt adds a nice touch. (source: drinkaromacoffee)

The Iced Sea Salt Coconut Latte combines the tropical taste of coconut with a hint of sea salt. This drink starts with a base of strong espresso and is blended with coconut milk and a sprinkle of sea salt to enhance the flavors. 

This latte has a unique flavor profile and is wonderfully cool, perfect for sunny summer days. It’s a great choice if you want to try something new in your coffee routine.

2. Nutella Iced Coffee

Nutella Iced Coffee

Nutella Iced Coffee with whipped cream and chocolate syrup (source: riseandgrind.coffeecart)

Nutella Iced Coffee is a dream come true for chocolate coffee lovers. Blend chilled coffee with a generous scoop of Nutella, and add milk to get a smooth, chocolaty drink. 

It’s a refreshing treat that doubles as a dessert.

Pro tip: Top it with whipped cream or chocolate shavings for better presentation and even more flavors.

3. Biscoff Iced Coffee

Biscoff Iced Coffee

A frothy Biscoff Iced Coffee (source: courtneyreidfit)

Biscoff Iced Coffee brings the caramelized flavor of Biscoff cookies into a creamy, iced coffee drink. 

Start with a cold brew coffee base, add milk and a couple of tablespoons of Biscoff spread, and blend until smooth. The result is a sweet, slightly spiced drink. It’s perfect if you like your coffee sweet and want a new way to enjoy the flavors of your favorite cookie.

4. S’mores Iced Coffee

S'mores Iced Coffee

S’mores Iced Coffee topped with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and a marshmallow. (source: drifteatery)

S’mores Iced Coffee is a way to use your favorite campfire treat in coffee. Combine chocolate syrup, coffee, milk, and crushed graham crackers in a shaker. Pour over ice and top with a dollop of marshmallow fluff. 

I love how this drink combines the nostalgic flavors of s’mores with coffee. It’s a fun drink for summer get-togethers or a tasty ending to an evening.

Refreshing Iced Coffee Ideas

5. Coconut Caramel Cold Brew

Coconut Caramel Cold Brew
A Coconut Caramel Cold Brew with whipped cream and caramel drizzle on top. (source: neauxcoffee)

Coconut Caramel Cold Brew is a tropical take on the classic cold brew. Start with a base of cold brew coffee and add coconut milk for a tropical flavor. Drizzle in some caramel syrup for a touch of sweetness that complements the coconut. 

This drink is a fantastic choice if you’re bored of the usual summer coffee drinks and want to try something different and refreshing. It’s also a great way to enjoy the flavors of summer any time of the year.

6. Mint Iced Coffee

Mint Iced Coffee
A Mint Iced Coffee is very refreshing during Summertime (source: daya_inthelife)

Mint Iced Coffee is a cool, refreshing drink that’s perfect for hot weather. To make it, steep fresh mint leaves in hot water, then mix this infusion with coffee over ice. 

The mint gives the coffee a fresh, clean taste that complements the deep notes of the coffee. My favorite time of day for this drink is in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up, for freshness that helps beat the heat.

7. Iced Coffee Lemonade

Iced Coffee Lemonade
An Iced Coffee Lemonade goes well with extra ice (source: magicalcooking_)

Iced Coffee Lemonade is a refreshing drink perfect for summer. Combine lemonade with chilled coffee to make it. 

This drink balances the sharpness of lemonade with the deep flavors of coffee. The result is a summer coffee drink that’s both refreshing and energizing. 

Serve it over ice and add a lemon slice for presentation, and you’ll have a flavorful treat that’s perfect for those warm days when you want something a bit different. 

This drink is easy to make at home and can be customized with a bit more lemon or coffee depending on your taste preferences. It’s a great way to shake up your usual coffee routine.

Starbucks Inspired Iced Coffee Drinks

8. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

A Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with a creamy top layer (source: peachyt__)

The Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew combines the rich, smooth taste of cold brew coffee with homemade vanilla sweet cream. 

The cream is made from a blend of vanilla syrup, heavy cream, and milk. The result is a velvety layer that floats perfectly on top of your cold brew. 

This drink is perfect if you like your coffee with a creamy texture and a hint of sweetness. The vanilla flavor complements the subtle chocolate notes of the cold brew for a refreshing summer coffee drink.

9. Iced White Chocolate Mocha

Iced White Chocolate Mocha
An Iced White Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream (source: diningwiththedonnys)

The Iced White Chocolate Mocha is a creamy, chocolatey delight that has espresso, white chocolate sauce, and milk poured over ice. This popular Starbucks-inspired drink is topped with whipped cream. 

The white chocolate sauce blends perfectly with the strong espresso and creates a sweetness that isn’t too overwhelming. It’s ideal for chocolate lovers looking for a cold refreshment.

10. Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

A Chocolate Cream Cold Brew – easy to make at home (source: karascoffeeaddiction)

The Chocolate Cream Cold Brew is a twist on the traditional cold brew. It starts with Starbucks’ signature cold brew coffee. It’s then topped with chocolate cream foam made from cream, chocolate syrup, and vanilla, which adds a frothy texture to the drink. 

The chocolatey foam and the concentrated coffee create a delicious blend. This drink is a must-try for anyone who loves the rich flavors of chocolate and coffee together.

11. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew
A Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, a dusting of pumpkin spice adds nice flavor (source: sincerely.kayla)

Who says pumpkin is only for fall? I guarantee you can enjoy it in summer too. The Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew combines Starbucks’ cold brew coffee with a pumpkin cream cold foam and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice topping. 

The drink starts with a base of cold brew. Then add pumpkin-flavored cream that’s both sweet and slightly spicy.

It’s a great way to enjoy your favorite flavors of pumpkin spice in a cool, refreshing form. Whether you’re a pumpkin spice fanatic or just looking to try a seasonal twist on your coffee, this drink encapsulates the spirit of fall in every sip.

Alcoholic Iced Coffee Drinks

12. Espresso Martinis

Espresso Martinis
An Espresso Martini (source: drink.loving.couple)

Espresso Martinis are a blend of vodka, espresso, and coffee liqueur, shaken until frothy and served chilled. This cocktail is perfect for coffee lovers looking for a spirited kick. 

The strong espresso flavor is made even better by the smooth vodka and the sweet notes of the coffee liqueur. It’s a perfect summer drink for evening gatherings or as a dinner party finale.

13. Baileys Whipped Coffee

Baileys Whipped Coffee
A Baileys Whipped Coffee with a creamy topping (source: wine.and.nine)

Baileys Whipped Coffee is a creamy concoction that combines Baileys Irish Cream with whipped instant coffee, sugar, and water (also known as Dalgona Coffee). 

The ingredients are whipped to a frothy texture and then spooned over cold milk and ice. This drink has a balance of coffee and creamy liqueur and is perfect for sipping on a leisurely afternoon.

14. Cold Fashioned

Cold Fashioned
Adding Cold brew to the classic old fashioned makes an elegant drink (source: decadentmacaron)

The Cold Fashioned reimagines the classic Old Fashioned cocktail with a coffee twist. Mix cold brew coffee with a little simple syrup, a few drops of bitters, and your choice of bourbon or rye whiskey. 

Serve over ice and garnish with an orange peel to bring out the zesty oils. This cocktail combines the bold flavors of coffee and whiskey, for a refreshing summer drink.

15. Kahlua Iced Coffee

Kahlua Iced Coffee
A Kahlua Iced Coffee with a creamy layer (source: randalllomarda)

Kahlua Iced Coffee is a simple drink that combines chilled coffee with Kahlua coffee liqueur over ice. Add a splash of milk or cream to soften the richness if desired. 

This cocktail is smooth, with a natural sweetness and a deep coffee flavor enhanced by the Kahlua. It’s an excellent choice if you love coffee cocktails that are easy to make.

Classic Iced Coffee Favorites

16. Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee
Milk being poured into a glass of iced coffee (source: se.chew)

Iced coffee is the quintessential summer drink. It’s simple, versatile, and extremely customizable.

To make classic iced coffee start with coffee brewed extra strong to counteract the dilution from ice. Let the coffee cool and pour over a glass full of ice cubes. 

Pro tip: If you like a sweeter drink, add sugar syrup. It blends smoothly without the graininess of granulated sugar. Milk or cream can also be added for a richer texture. 

Whether you enjoy it plain or dressed up, iced coffee is a refreshing caffeine kick that’s ideal for sipping on a hot day.

17. Cold Brew 

Cold Brew 

Cold brew requires an overnight brewing (source: caffeneroturkiye)

Cold brew coffee has a smooth, mellow flavor that comes from a unique brewing process. Unlike regular coffee, cold brew coffee is made by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water for 12 to 24 hours. The result is a concentrate that’s less acidic and bitter than its hot-brewed counterpart. 

To serve, dilute the concentrate with water or milk to taste, and pour over ice. 

A great thing about cold brew coffee is that it’s perfect for storing in the refrigerator, so it’s ready to be enjoyed at any moment during a hot day.

18. Iced Macchiato

Iced Macchiato
An Iced Macchiato has distinct layers when pouring milk over iced espresso shots (source: thewoodenrooster)

An iced macchiato is a layered drink that’s known for its striking visuals and taste. It’s the perfect summer coffee drink if you love the strong flavor of espresso. 

Traditionally, a macchiato is made by adding a small amount of milk to a shot of espresso. For the iced version, pour cold milk over ice, followed by a shot or two of espresso. The result is a drink with distinct layers of coffee and milk. 

This drink is less diluted than other iced coffee drinks. It maintains a robust espresso flavor that’s slightly mellowed by the cool milk.

19. Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha
An Iced Mocha topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings (source: banjosbakery)

An iced mocha combines the deep flavors of coffee with chocolate for a delicious treat. To make it, blend a strong brewed coffee with chocolate syrup, then chill the mixture. Serve over ice, and add milk or cream to bring it all together. 

The chocolate’s sweetness goes great with the coffee’s bitterness and makes the iced mocha a favorite among coffee lovers who enjoy dessert-like drinks. 

Pro tip: Top it with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce for more sweetness.

What’s the Best Summer Coffee Drink for You?

The best part about iced coffee is the endless possibilities for customization. Whether you prefer a classic brew or a more extravagant mix with flavors and spirits, use these recipes as the starting point for your summer coffee adventures. 

Don’t miss our Iced Coffee With Ice Cream Recipe if you’re an ice cream lover. If you have a Nespresso machine, check out our 13 must-try Nespresso recipes.

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