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The Nespresso Vertuo Pop Review: The Newest Vertuo Machine

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By: Marina Maletic

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Nespresso Vertuo Pop brewing coffee

Are you short on counter space? Do you want your coffee at the press of a button? Let me introduce you to the Nespresso Vertuo Pop

The Pop is the newest addition to the Nespresso Vertuo lineup. It has a sleek design, bold color palette, and uses innovative Nespresso centrifusion technology for optimum flavor extraction. After testing, the Pop is a little small, but it’s a good option as the least expensive entry to the Nespresso Vertuo family. 

Today, I’ll give you a detailed Nespresso Vertuo Pop review, including its secret brew method for double espressos. I’ll also compare the Vertuo Pop vs Vertuo Next vs Vertuo Plus, where the Plus still remains the best option.

Nespresso Vertuo Pop Review

Vertuo Pop

Nespresso Vertuo Pop highlights:

  • Makes five coffee sizes
  • Centrifusion extraction system
  • 30-second heat-up time
  • Auto-off mode after two minutes
Nespresso Vertuo Pop: Craft Coffee Spot Rating
Design and Functionality7.5
Coffee Quality7.0
Drink Options8.5
Ease of Use8.0


Nespresso Vertuo Pop is the newest machine in the Vertuo range. It’s a tiny pod machine that’s almost half the size of peers and comes at a reasonable price.

Vertuo Pop works the same way as other Nespresso coffee machines in the Vertuo lineup. You control it via a single button and use barcoded Vertuo pods to make different coffee sizes. Also, the Pop can brew four different coffee sizes, as well as a bonus double espresso mode (more on these below).

Essentially, the Pop gives you the benefits of larger Vertuo machines but for less money and bulk. It even has Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning you can connect the machine to your phone via the Nespresso app. This may sound very modern, but I found the app doesn’t actually do much. I could only check if the machine is in standby mode, if there are any errors, and start the descaling process. 

There are a few downsides, though. The small size of the Pop limits the water tank, and it’s noisy when brewing. Also, the brewing temperature is cooler than other models, which reduces the extract and sweetness of the coffee. Overall, a Pop is great for those who want a limited footprint.


Compact design

Extra drink options

Can brew any pod as double espresso

One-touch button operation


Small water tank

Limited cup height

Lower brewing temperature than other Vertuo models

Design and Build

Nespresso Vertuo Pop with dimensions

Nespresso Vertuo Pop is a smaller version of Vertuo Next. It has all features of its bigger sibling but in a more compact package.

Pop’s dimensions are 8.6 x 14 x 10.4 in (W x D x H) – for the Pop+ model. This Nespresso machine has a rounded head and a long body, similar to the Vertuo Next, but it’s much shorter. The water tank is on one side which makes is less deep but wide.

It weighs 7.7 lbs, so it’s lightweight. It’s made of plastic, but about 35% of that is recycled plastic. 

The machine head is where all the action happens. You move the clip to unlock the head, and it springs up to access the capsule holder inside. The lid is spring-loaded, so you need two hands to put it back into place and lock it, which is inconvenient.

lid opening on Nespresso Vertuo Pop
The Pop has a spring-loaded lid that pops open when unclipped (pun intended)

If you love colors, you’re in luck. Pop comes in several fresh colors (on the Nespresso website):

  • Spicy red
  • Aqua mint
  • Mango yellow
  • Pacific blue
  • Licorice black
  • Coconut white

The Pop’s compact design comes at the cost of a smaller water tank — only 25 oz. It’s located at the back, with the used capsule container on the left side. The container fits between four to five capsules, depending on their size, which certainly means more frequent refilling and emptying compared to other Nespresso machines. 

used capsule container on the Pop.

The compact design also leads to my main gripe with using the Vertuo Pop, which is that you can’t fit larger mugs. Nespresso wanted to make this machine as compact as possible so the space underneath the brew head is reduced. 

That small space is limited even more by a bulky drip tray. With the tray installed, the maximum cup height is just 5 in, which is only big enough for an espresso cup or a very small mug. Luckily, you can remove the drip tray and extend the space to 6 in, which is barely enough to fit a standard mug. This is especially a con considering one of the major selling points of the Pro is its ability to make larger cups of coffee!

Drink Options

all the Nespresso Vertuo drink options side by side on a graphic

Nespresso Vertuo Pop has four drink options:

  • Espresso 1.35 (40 ml)
  • Double espresso 2.7 oz (80 ml)
  • Gran Lungo 5.07 oz (150 ml)
  • Coffee 7.77 oz (230 ml)
  • Alto XL 12 oz (355 ml)

The Pop is one of the only machines that can brew the Alto XL pod. Many Nespresso drinkers wanted something larger than a standard 8oz cup, and Nespresso reintroduced the 12 oz Alto pod with the Pop. 

Only the Vertuo Pop and Next can brew the 12 oz Alto pod. The Alto pod is great if you want that large coffee in the morning. However, it makes a weaker coffee because the amount of coffee in the pod doesn’t increase proportionally with the larger drink size. I prefer the coffee-sized pods.

Considering that the Nespresso Vertuo machine has a small water tank, you can only make two coffee drinks before you have to refill. However, if you use smaller pods, you can make at least four drinks before refilling.

You’ll notice I didn’t list any milk-based drinks above. That’s because Pop doesn’t have milk functionality, which is typical for Nespresso. However, you can separately buy Aeroccino if you want to make milk-based drinks.

Special Feature on Vertuo Pop: Double Espresso Brewing

One novel feature of the Pop is that you can brew any pod as double espresso, including the big ones. Just insert the pod and then push the brew button twice in quick succession. The light will turn turquoise, and you’ll get a 3 oz coffee. This is only available on the Vertuo Pop.

double espresso feature on Nespresso Vertuo Pop
double press the button to brew a double espresso; the light will turn turquoise

I love this feature as it produces a more concentrated drink when using a large pod. I recommend brewing a bigger coffee-size pod as a double espresso. The double espresso feature makes the closest drink to a true espresso I can get on a Nespresso coffee machine. The flavors will be much bolder, and it works great with milk!

Other Features

You also have some programmability with the Pop. By holding down the brew button during brewing and releasing it when you reach the desired drink size, you can change the pre-programmed volume of water the Pop will use for each pod size. If you want a coffee stronger or larger, it’s nice that you can easily change that. I have found the pods are best as is or smaller, so I only use the double espresso feature. 

You also can connect the machine to your Wifi. I mentioned this before and it’s used for firmware upgrades. It’s easy to connect and allowed my machine to have the double espresso feature, although you can’t control the Pop from your phone.

Wifi connection for Nespresso Vertuo Pop

Overall, Vertuo Pop primarily makes larger volume coffees than what other Nespresso machines are known for. However, the largest volume of coffee the Pop can brew is just under 8 oz, which is less than the pour-over style featured on the Nespresso Vertuo Next.

Brewing and Taste

The Pop uses the Nespresso Vertuo technology, which brews coffee by centrifusion. Each capsule has a barcode, which the coffee machine automatically reads and adjusts the brewing parameters, such as the temperature, water flow, and infusion time. You don’t even have to select a cup size. 

The pod you choose will also have a large impact on the coffee’s taste. You can choose between single-origin, blends, and flavored pods, such as hazelnut. However, you’re limited to Nespresso pods as there are no third-party pods on Vertuo models (unlike the OriginalLine).

Vertuo Pop comes with a box of 12 Vertuo capsules, which is plenty of varieties and sizes to get you started on your Nespresso tasting journey.

Overall, the espresso tastes good and is enjoyable, like other Vertuo models. I like how the centrifusion takes a little longer to brew, which leads to more extraction and a richer taste than other pod machines. 

a brewed coffee on the nespresso vertuo pop

However, the Pop brews a little cooler than other Vertuo models like the Vertuo Plus, which mutes the coffee flavor compared to that model. This warrants a broader comparison of the other Vertuo models.

Comparing The Nespresso Vertuo Pop vs. Vertuo Plus vs. Vertuo Next

Here’s a comparison of three popular Nespresso Vertuo machines: Plus, Next, and Pop.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus
Nespresso Vertuo Next
Nespresso Vertuo Pop
Product Title
Product Title
Nespresso Vertuo Plus
Nespresso Vertuo Next
Nespresso Vertuo Pop
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
5.6 x 16.9 x 12.8 in
5.5 x 16.8 x 12.4 in
8.6 x 14 x 10.4
9.7 lb
8.8 lb
7.7 lb
Lid mechanism
Lid mechanism
Drink Options
Drink Options
Brewing temperature
Brewing temperature
WiFi updates
WiFi updates
Capsule container
Capsule container
Water reservoir
Water reservoir
40 oz (Deluxe: 60 oz)
37 oz
25 oz

Design and Build

As expected, the Pop is the smallest one, with Plus and Next a similar size to each other. Vertuo Next has the largest brew head, which is flat, while the Plus has the sleekest shape and a round look. The Plus is wider than the Next, though. The Pop is a miniature version of the Next, and there aren’t major differences between the two in terms of design, just in size.

We review all three models (focusing on the Plus and Next) on our YouTube review:

All machines are made of plastic, with 54% recycled plastic used in Vertuo Next and the Pop using 35% recycled plastic. 

Pop is the lightest of all Vertuo machines, at 7.7 lb. Next weighs 8.8 lb, and Plus is the heaviest at 9.7 lb. The Plus also has the largest drip tray. The tray has two prongs and feels much sturdier than on the Next and the Pop. In fact, the drip tray on the Pop easily fell off when I moved the machine. 

All the important components, such as the start button and the capsule head, are located at the front, so all the machines are equally easy to use and clean. 

The Vertuo Next also has Wi-Fi functionality, which works the same way as on the Pop. The Vertuo Plus does not have wifi connectivity, but you can register your model on the Nespresso app.

Note: There are many reports of Next having a leak issue on Reddit, Facebook, and the Nespresso website (which is largely the cause of Next’s poor online reviews). This has not happened to me after using two Next machines. However, it’s something to be aware of. Luckily, the Pop has not received any of these complaints.

Lid Functionality

The lid functionality is the biggest difference between Vertuo Next, Pop, and Plus. The Plus has a motorized opening — you tap the lever, and the lid opens. Tap the lever again, and it closes by itself. That’s it. The Next and Pop have a spring-loaded lid. You unclip it, and the lid pops open. To close it, you have to press the lid down and turn the locking mechanism, which requires two hands.

The lid on the Next and Pop wouldn’t be a huge problem in a vacuum, but I really like the convenience of the Plus.

Water Reservoir and Capsule Containers

The Plus has the largest water tank at 40 oz. Next is 37 oz, and the Pop is 25 oz. Another major difference is that the Plus has a rotating water tank, which you can move to either side or the back of the machine. This comes in handy if you have a small counter and need to customize the footprint of the machine to fit your space. On the other hand, the water tank on the Next and Pop is fixed in the back.

The Plus also has a large capsule container with ten pods. Next holds eight, and the Pop fits between 4-5 used pods. All coffee machines have an automatic capsule ejection system. The lid grabs the capsule when you open it, and the pod slides into the container, so you don’t have to worry about handling a pod of hot coffee grounds. 

Coffee Brewing and Taste

All three machines use centrifusion technology, which spins the pod 7,000 per minute to force water through all the coffee grounds evenly. 

However, I found that Plus makes hotter coffee than the Next and the Pop. Specifically, the Plus brews 10 degrees hotter than the Pop in my testing.

brewing temperature comparison between Vertuo Plus and Plus

The Vertuo Plus also brews eight degrees hotter than the Next when comparing the same pods. 

Brewing temperature between Nespresso Vertuo Plus and Next

Brewing coffee temperature has a big impact on the coffee taste, and the Plus makes a sweeter and richer brew than either Next or Pop. The lower water temperature caused the coffee from the Next and Pop to be under extracted, so it didn’t capture the richness of the coffee as well. 

Finally, the Next and Pop are louder than the Plus, and I mean a lot louder. The Plus creates a soft whirring noise, while the Next and Pop resemble an airplane. 

I used the DecibelX app to measure the noise level for each:

  • Pop and Next: 69-70Db
  • Plus: 59-60Db

Drink Options

All three models can brew the standard four drinks, from espresso to coffee. The Vertuo Next and Pop have two larger sizes that the Plus does not. The Pop can brew the 12 oz Alto pod, while the Next can brew this and a 18 oz pour-over carafe pods. Even though the Pop shares many design similarities with the Next, it isn’t compatible with this “pour over style” pod, mostly because of the small water reservoir. 

Double espressoYYY
Gran lungoYYY
Pour over carafeY

Also, the Pop has a unique feature where you can brew any pod as a double espresso. The Plus lacks these additional sizes, so you’re more limited.


All three coffee machines provide good value for money since every machine is under $200. Vertuo Plus provides great coffee taste and durability and has the largest water reservoir.

Nespresso Vertuo Pop overcomes a lot of Next’s shortcomings. It’s durable and doesn’t have the same leaking issues. It’s a great option if you’re short on space, and it’s the cheapest option of the three.

Finally, Nespresso Vertuo Next is a good choice if you want a machine that can make carafe-style coffee, although it is the priciest of the three machines.

They’re all priced fairly similarly, and which one is the best value depends on which features you want out of your Nespresso.

What’s The Best Vertuo Model?

My vote for the best Nespresso Vertuo machine goes to the Vertuo Plus. It’s extremely user-friendly, mostly thanks to the motorized lid and rotating water tank. Finally, it produces the best coffee. It’s hotter and sweeter compared to Next and Pop. It doesn’t have any leaking issues, so it’ll last a long time.

I would recommend the Pop second, especially if you want more drink options or a more budget model. The double espresso brewing is a nice feature, and it has no design complaints like the Next, which I don’t recommend. 

What’s the Best Vertuo Machine for You?

Different machines work better for different setups. Choose Vertuo Pop if you’re very short on space and want a compact machine. It’s also a good option because it brews four different drinks, and you have the option to make each pod double espresso. My advice is to go for the Vertuo Plus, as it produces the best flavor and it’s the easiest to use.

Now that you know all about Vertuo Plus, Next, and Pop, it’s time to choose the best capsules for your machine. We’ve reviewed different Vertuo pods and rounded up the 11 best Nespresso Vertuo pods.

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