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Breville Milk Frother vs. Aeroccino 4: Find Your Ideal Premium Frother

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149	Breville milk frother vs Aeroccino 4

If you’re looking for a new milk frother, the Breville Milk Frother and the Aeroccino 4 are the best you can get. Both are good choices, but if I had to pick a favorite, the Aeroccino is a clear winner for me. 

Breville milk frother has a lot going for it, such as better temperature control and a larger capacity. But for me, the Aeroccino shines with its simplicity in pouring and excellent milk density, especially for latte lovers. The Aeroccino 4’s froth quality is dense, with several settings to suit your taste, whereas the Breville’s froth can sometimes feel too thin or overly airy. 

At the end of the day, it’s about what suits your coffee ritual best, so I’ll talk about my experience using both milk frothers to help you make a decision.

Our Pick
Aeroccino 4
Breville Milk Frother
Froth Texture Levels
Froth Texture Levels
Three levels of hot froth, 1 cold
Two whisk options for cappuccino and latte
Temperature Control
Temperature Control
Fixed temperature (~155°F).
Up to 8 oz for frothing milk, and up to 8.5 oz for hot milk
Up to 16 oz for frothing milk and up to 25 oz for hot milk
Metal casing and non-stick ceramic interior
Stainless steel
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Not really
Yes, perfect
Dishwasher safe
Dishwasher safe
Yes (even easier to clean)

Breville Milk Frother vs Aeroccino Feature Breakdown

Design and Build Quality

Both brands have put significant thought into creating products that not only look good on your countertop but also stand up to the rigors of daily use.

The Breville milk frother has a sleek, modern design that aligns with the aesthetic of other Breville appliances. Breville espresso machines are well-known for their stainless steel design. 

This milk frother is constructed with a combination of high-quality stainless steel and durable plastic. Overall, it feels robust and like it’s built to last. 

The interface on the Breville is straightforward, with easy-to-use settings on the front, from where you can set the temperature and froth level. You can get your desired milk texture and warmth with minimal fuss. However, its larger footprint requires a bit more counter space (dimensions are 6.4 x 10.3 in), which is a consideration in smaller kitchens.

On the other hand, the Aeroccino 4 has a more compact and minimalist design, making it ideal for smaller spaces or for those who prefer a more understated look. Its dimensions are 8 x 3.5 in.

Despite its smaller size, it doesn’t compromise on build quality. The Aeroccino 4 has a stainless steel casing with a chrome finish, and the design feels more retro compared to the Breville.

Its simple, one-touch operation makes it user-friendly. One of the major differences compared to Breville in terms of design is the ease of pouring. There’s a distinct spout on the Aeroccino, plus the handle is longer than on the Breville, which reduces the chance of spills and makes the process of transferring frothed milk into your coffee seamless.

The Aeroccino has four buttons on the frother, which you use to change the texture settings. I liked that the buttons have coffee cup illustrations, which makes the frother extra easy to use.

Froth Levels and Settings

The Aeroccino 4 has three texture levels for froth:

  • Cold milk foam
  • Hot milk froth
  • Latte macchiato
  • Cappuccino

This gives you a lot of flexibility, and you can choose based on your preference for the density of the milk froth. 

milk texture on the Aeroccino 3 vs 4

The Aeroccino 4 operates at a fixed temperature, roughly 155°F, which is a suitable temperature for most coffee drinks. You’ll get milk that’s hot enough without being scalding.

Breville milk frother has two frothing whisk options, which means you can select between a mildly dense froth using the cappuccino whisk and a thinner froth with the latte whisk. This choice provides some level of customization, though less varied than the Aeroccino 4.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with the Brevile’s froth. It’s either too thin or too airy; neither froth level is dense. 

pouring milk from Breville

However, a significant advantage of the Breville Milk Frother is its temperature control feature. You can adjust the temperature to your liking, which is particularly useful if you have specific preferences for heat. 

Breville temp dial

That being said, I had to set the dial to the higher end to achieve the desired temperature. For example, starting at the “160” zone only reaches around 145°F. To reach a temperature of 152°F with 8oz of oat milk, it took the frother approximately 3:40 minutes, which is a long wait time. 

User Experience

The Aeroccino 4 has the better user experience, mostly because of the ease of choosing between froth levels, and ease of pouring. It’s a quick and hassle-free way to make frothed milk. 

Also, its speed is a significant plus. The Aeroccino can produce froth much faster than the Breville, which makes it ideal if you’re often in a hurry.

milk frothing in a Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother

Also, the fixed temperature setting can be a benefit if you prefer not to fuss over temperature controls, offering a “just right” warmth that suits most drinks.

Personally, I liked that I didn’t have to mess around with changing the whisks on the Aeroccino 4. The buttons change the whisk speed to get various levels of foam.

milk frothing options on the Aeroccino 4

The standout feature for many Breville users is the level of control it offers, especially for temperature settings. This customization allows for a tailored experience, whether you prefer a hotter drink or a cooler, more delicate froth. I like having my milk a little cooler, as you can taste the creaminess a more that way.

However, changing the froth settings isn’t as simple as pressing a button. The Breville frother comes with two frothing disks, one for lattes, and one for cappuccino foam. I had to exchange them based on the kind of froth I wanted.

Two whisks on Breville

An important feature that Breville has going on is that it’s ideal for hot chocolate. Its induction heating ensures even warmth and the perfect blending of chocolate into milk. It creates a hot cocoa experience that’s hard to beat.

Also, the larger capacity is perfect for families or guests, making it easy to make a batch of hot chocolate at once for the kiddos.


When it comes to cleaning, both the Breville Milk Frother and the Aeroccino 4 offer user-friendly designs that make maintenance relatively straightforward. However, some nuances in their ease of cleaning can influence which one you should get.

The Breville stainless steel jug can be separated from the base and is dishwasher safe, making it convenient if you prefer to use a dishwasher for cleanup. Also, this feature is particularly useful if you regularly make frothed milk or hot chocolate and value quick, hassle-free cleaning.

Breville two pieces

Also, because Breville uses induction heating, so there are no concerns about milk burning onto a heating element, which further simplifies cleaning. The absence of direct heat elements means less scrubbing and no burnt milk residue.

Finally, the whisk and lid of the Breville are also easy to clean, with some parts being dishwasher-friendly or easily rinsed under tap water. The straightforward disassembly lets you thoroughly clean the frother without much effort.

The Aeroccino 4 has a non-stick interior, which makes cleaning easy since milk doesn’t adhere strongly to the surface. A simple rinse and a wipe are often enough to clean it after use.

However, milk can sometimes get stuck, especially under the frother’s whisk. This issue requires a bit more attention during cleaning to ensure that all milk residue is removed, which can be slightly more cumbersome compared to the Breville.

The Aeroccino 4 is also dishwasher safe, except for the base. 


If you want simplicity, speed, and consistently excellent froth for your daily coffee, the Aeroccino 4 is a great choice. It won me over with its straightforward operation, three texture levels, and quick cleaning process. 

The Aeroccino 4’s design is ideal for effortlessly creating that perfect froth for lattes, cappuccinos, or any coffee drink that benefits from a silky, airy milk texture.

Overall, choose the Aeroccino 4 for a streamlined, efficient, and high-quality frothing experience. It’s perfect for daily use, offering convenience and consistency with minimal fuss.

On the other hand, if you need to make larger quantities of frothed milk, host gatherings, or have a particular fondness for rich, creamy hot chocolate, the Breville Milk Frother is a better choice. 

Its temperature control feature, larger capacity, and flexibility in froth texture cater well to these specific scenarios. When the craving for hot chocolate strikes, it delivers exceptional results.

Choose the Breville Milk Frother if you value versatility, control over temperature, and the ability to make larger quantities or indulge in the occasional hot chocolate.


If you love a quick and easy way to get that perfect froth in the morning, the Aeroccino 4 is a great choice. It’s simple, fast, and does exactly what you need without any fuss. On the other hand, if you’re all about making those rich hot chocolates or serving up a bunch of frothy drinks for friends and family, the Breville Milk Frother is more your style. 

In case you’re looking for an espresso machine to pair with your new frother, check out our round-up of the best Nespresso machines, and the best Breville espresso machines.

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